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External and Internal Vulnerability Cyber Security Scans: Full Service Networking

Cyber security has increasingly become a major anxiety concern for small and medium sized organizations, especially when legal compliance and government regulations are factored into the equation. Further the practice of regular vulnerability security scans is increasingly becoming an end customer requirement and necessary for cyber insurance coverage.cincinnati cyber security

To address the rising need for proactive cyber security management to combat this ever increasing risk, FSN has partnered with Luminant Digital Security to conduct extensive vulnerability security scans.

Luminant, a third party security service provider, provides independent IT network infrastructure security assessments especially designed for small and middle market organizations.

Luminant utilizes current security industrial tools to perform scans of both the external and internal network environments to identify areas of risk, while also confirming that IT security best practices are properly deployed and current.

An overnight internal and external security scan captures a point in time of a cross section of all devices actively connected to the IT network infrastructure, including:

  • Anti-Virus Status
  • Administration permissions
  • Open Ports
  • Software vulnerability scanning for Microsoft and third party applications
  • Network device firmware

Risk and Vulnerability Assessment Report

A written assessment report will be presented within 2-3 weeks of the overnight security scan, including remediation and solution recommendations with proposed timeframes for implementation.

  • CRITICAL: These are considered “URGENT” and should be addressed immediately.
  • HIGH: These should be implemented within 30 days.
  • MEDIUM: These are considered medium to low risk and should be completed within 90 days.
  • LOW: These are optional recommendations to achieve additional level of IT best practice and should be implemented, as appropriate.

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