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Introduction to Server Virtualization by Dan Saxby, Vice President of Client Services

Today’s existing x86 hardware was engineered to run a single operating system and application, causing the majority of today’s deployed servers to be vastly underutilized.  The bottom-line result is high expenses in terms of financial, human capital and natural resources.  Server virtualization enables you to run multiple virtual machines on a single piece of hardware, […]


8 Features That Could Make Windows 8 Great

8 Features That Could Make Windows 8 Great by Paul McFougall, Editor at Large, Information Week Windows 8 represents the biggest redesign of the Windows operating system since Microsoft gave the OS a big overhaul with Windows 95. That effort introduced the Start button, Taskbar, and other now standard icons. Windows 8 goes even further. […]


How the Hybrid Cloud Differs from the Public Cloud

Cloud computing has certainly caught on among business owners. No surprise there: the cloud offers more computing power, cheaper storage, seamless scalability and the simplicity that comes with someone else taking care of your servers. But there’s a catch. To take advantage of cloud software and infrastructure, you’ve got to give up some control over […]