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Your Data Security Is Our Number One Priority

When it comes to your data security, your organization must be taking proactive, reasonable protective steps to avert invasion risks that can:

  • Decrease office productivity
  • Cause legal liability
  • Result in loss of client confidence
  • Lead to potential loss of business

Current data security threats of nefarious malware, spam emails, phishing, website downloads and infected USB flash drives can accidentally be brought into an organization’s network by today’s busy workforce. Additional data security risks accompany the exploding use of mobile devices, since enterprise data can easily be accessed through a lost device that isn’t password protected or encrypted.

FSN takes a diligent approach to safeguarding our clients’ data. Data security is a dynamic activity with new technology and strategies required to protect our clients from the ever changing threats of global hackers.

FSN shields your business by following proven IT strategies using a multi-layered data security approach that includes next generation firewalls, anti-virus software, email spam filtering, implementing password policies, mobile device management, installing a guest wireless network, data redundancy in multiple geographical locations for disaster recovery, and regularly scheduled backups.

NetCare clients are offered a data security best practice presentation for their team members.

For advanced proactive measures especially for PCI, HIPAA and other compliance considerations, quarterly security scans of both the external and internal IT network infrastructure can be facilitated with our outside data security partner, Luminant Digital Security.

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