Putting Technology to Work for Your Organization

Whether you are a K-12 school administrator, a non-profit executive or a business owner, you want technology to work for you seamlessly and efficiently. After all, nearly every facet of your organization relies on your IT network functioning smoothly. If downtime occurs on an enterprise level, or even on a smaller scale, then your operations are negatively affected.

By outsourcing key, complex IT functions to the experts at FSN, you can ensure your IT operations run smoothly and enable your key managers to focus on customers, core competencies and cost controls. FSN can implement an IT support solution that greatly reduces the risk of downtime and losing critical data by proactively monitoring and supporting your IT network 24/7/365. This is accomplished by continual data analysis of the network, defined service processes and a deep bench of qualified IT network engineers who receive continuous technical training.

FSN will review your operations and depending on your workload and the knowledge base of internal personnel, we will recommend one of two types of relationships:

  • Managed IT Services: FSN is your inclusive IT partner, managing both the IT network infrastructure and providing support for both employees and their end-point devices.
  • Co-Managed IT Services: This is a shared approach where FSN complements existing personnel by managing the complexity of your overall IT network infrastructure, while employees and end-point devices are supported internally.

The benefit of having a strategic IT partner is that your organization will be supported by a team of experts with comprehensive resources who know how to make technology work for small- and medium- sized organizations. You will no longer have to rely on a single, critical employee to support your IT functions with the risk that they could leave your employment for any reason at any time, leaving your organization in a helpless situation. FSN will be with you 24/7/365 to keep you up and running.



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